Weekly Photo Challenge: Grateful


In weekly photo challenge: grateful, we had to take pictures of things we were grateful for. I took a picture of neon lights on a building, then moved my camera to make it more interesting. This symbolizes electricity, something I couldn’t live without. Another picture is the mannequin wearing glasses, which depicts orgininality. It stands out from the rest of the plain white still-life because of its glasses, which is similar to how everyone stands out because of their own personality quirks. The third picture is colored markers, to indicate art. They are scattered around and plentiful. The fourth picture is a camel, and it is there to suggest animals. I chose that picture specifically due to its nice background and mix of colors. My last picture are broken printer parts from the printer still-life. It signifies technology, which is what I used the most daily. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am without technology, because of my interaction with other people that I would not have met other wise because they live too far away.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


For Halloween, we had to take 3 pictures that we considered eerie. The first one I took were lights shaken. The red on looks like a spider climbing a wall, and arachnids generally tend to scare people. The second is an empty street. This is one of the busiest streets in my town, closed for construction. The fact that such a crowded street lacks any people seems somewhat eerie. The third one is of another building in construction, a few streets away. The fence makes the image seem creepier, as though the building is forbidden, or dangerous.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition


One of our photo challenges was transition. We had to depict transition in a way we interpreted, so I took a picture of stairs, which symbolizes a transition in height. THe towels are a transition in tidyness. The top one is very messy, the second is slightly folded, and the third is put on a pole so it is the most put-together. Lastly, I photographed a transition from wood panels to tiles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Triangle

This week’s challenge was Golden Triangle. We came up with it in class, since we learned a bit about the Golden Triangle.

Since we didn’t like the Weekly Photo Challenge created by WordPress, our class decided to come up with our own. This week, it was abstract. One of the pictures was from the printer still life.

Printer Still Life


In class, we broke a printer and then arranged it into a still life in the studio. The printer was broken, so we thought it would be better to actually use the printer for something. These images are the top five I’ve taken.

Steal Like An Artist


In class, we recently read a book called “Steal Like An Artist”. It was extremely educational, yet entertaining. The main idea of the book is how to correctly “steal” art ideas from others, not by plagiarizing,  but by taking several ideas and mashing them up into one whole new piece. The book was written by Austin Kleon and displays an abundance of doodles that are related to what you’re reading. Overall, it’s a good book.

Summer Homework

Over the summer we had homework, which involved 3 pieces in which we could experiment, (I did abstract art), 3 artist inspiration pages (in which we had to write about an artist and display some of his or her works) and 25 of our best pictures taken during the summer. These are my best 25 pictures I’ve taken over the summer.

Master Recreation

We recently needed to do a project in which we needed to choose one photographer out of a list and then had to recreate one of their pictures.I chose Elliot Erwitt. He was born on July 26th, 1928 and his most prominent decade was the 1990s. Elliot Erwitt was French and went to college and Los Angeles City College and the New School for Social Research, and his genre of photography is abstract. I particularly liked his pictures of dogs.

Trying to recreate this picture was difficult. One of the hardest parts was getting the dog to stay still, and she ended up running off twice. The lighting was easy to control, however.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

This post is in response to
Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall.


I took this picture while doing a project, and ended up almost throwing it away. I never thought I’d need a bad picture of a wall. It turns out I was wrong. Thank you, WordPress, for showing me that all pictures can be good, and that so can new memory cards.