Weekly Photo Challenge: Grateful


In weekly photo challenge: grateful, we had to take pictures of things we were grateful for. I took a picture of neon lights on a building, then moved my camera to make it more interesting. This symbolizes electricity, something I couldn’t live without. Another picture is the mannequin wearing glasses, which depicts orgininality. It stands out from the rest of the plain white still-life because of its glasses, which is similar to how everyone stands out because of their own personality quirks. The third picture is colored markers, to indicate art. They are scattered around and plentiful. The fourth picture is a camel, and it is there to suggest animals. I chose that picture specifically due to its nice background and mix of colors. My last picture are broken printer parts from the printer still-life. It signifies technology, which is what I used the most daily. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am without technology, because of my interaction with other people that I would not have met other wise because they live too far away.


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