Principles of Art: Contast

For a recent project, we were required to take 3 pictures that display contrast, which means to compare to two things by highlighting their differences. My 3 pictures are of: a cone, a lightbulb, and rain on a car window.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth


Depth is when you gaze at something and notice that it is three dimensional, and has an inside. It’s when you reach into a box and are not met by flatness. Depth has helped craft from the simplest inventions, such as cardboard boxes to towering behemoths such as skyscrapers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward


The lighting and composition of this image are what fabricates such a pristine environment, which is what procreates the bottle of water looks so promising, rather heavenly in fact. Henceforth, the rays of the sun shine on this average bottle, making it look amazing.


Lightpainting is my best-loved aspect of photography. It allows you to create ambiguous crafts, yet such atrocities aren’t abominations. They are transcendent masterpieces. Lightpainting gives you the freedom of drawing with light, of creating amazing things and to do whatever you want.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Periodically, I lay upon my davenport and wonder who made what and why, or how it came to be. I have no speculations as to who crafted the Rule of Thirds, although. I assume whoever did had a good rationalization. It has become one of the principles of art and has been taught to photography and art aficionados alike, along with being used permanently in masterpieces and doodles. It has inspired exalted artists and brought inspiration upon the barren minds of young craftspeople.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


Scales are unmistakably instrumental. They allow you to compare and contrast the reaches of two objects and thus engage in the unique endeavors on which you may embark or, henceforth need a scale.
They are, perhaps one of unquestionably greatest inventions of man.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


I just adore symmetry. It’s just so impeccable and the lengths some people reach to achieve it bring out the dedication and resoluteness in them. Alas, symmetry is beauty and it brings out beauty. It is the most contiguous corporeality to transcendence we will tangibly descry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time?

I was challenged to take at least  three pictures  which have orange as a dominant color, make a bold highlight, or simply shows up, and like all challenges, I accepted. I took these pictures at school and decided to add a red-yellow tint. For all of you art aficionados, that means orange, as you probably know.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge


To converge means to meet at one point, the way two walls meet at the corner. In this picture, the wood is meeting the wall. I really like the way the board gets bigger the closer it is.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular


The mesmerizing picture above is the TV/News tower in my school’s lunch area. The building used to be a news station, but when the school was founded, no one took down the giant tower in the cafeteria.